Beautiful calligraphy hand made script fonts

So i've been creating fonts for some time now, and i'm just amazed at how much time people really put into in creating a typeface. I'm gonna share with you some good finds that i think is worth the money if you're looking at using some nice hand made calligraphy fonts for a project. These fonts are all in Creative Market and i have to say, they're the best platform for anything digitally hand made.

The list goes:

Northwell Font

This is my first top choice from creative market. It has a full packed typeface characters with extra swashes for you to add to your creation such as the "underline" stroke.


This font also has many goodies in the package. Not just fonts, there is a normal brush font, marker styled fonts and also ornaments that you can use!


It's hand written dry brush script and roughen script. With this type, you will see a lot of ligatures and extras . This font is ideal for branding and decorate your any project.



Levitating above the din of the city pulling cards. Conjuring a shine from the dark like iridescent paint. Trees growing through cracked pavement claiming space with their placement. Street Magic at work while we kick back and embrace it.


This is one of my recent script fonts and i'll add it here for you guys to check out. I've spent quite an amount of hours creating this font from multiple sheets of paper and a brush pen. I wanted to achieve the 'hand made' look hence this font was created.

Thanks for reading! Til the next one.

Launching my second facebook page!

I have practiced and practiced on getting used to sign-painting. And i'd like to document my learning journey so with that in mind, i've decided to launch another new Facebook page called Singapore Signs.

This makes sense because i'm in Singapore. Not many people know about sign painting, and i plan to spread awareness of how awesome hand painted stuff is. You can find my Facebook page here:

Singapore Signs, Facebook page

I've also created a new Instagram account to document this journey. I will update both Facebook and Instagram occasionally. You can also check out my instagram page here: 

Singapore Signs, Instagram


Here's a logo i did with sign painting style and a practice video using one-stroke lettering casuals...

Singapore signs logo with Casual script

Singapore signs logo with Casual script

Check out more of my practice feed and videos on both social accounts! Until then, see you in the next post.

My first attempt at Sign painting

So a friend of mine opened a new cafe and wanted to have some hand-painted signs for the coffee shop. It's a temporary signage because they're undergoing some re-branding. So i took the challenge and i went to shop for supplies.

Then while waiting for the paint to dry, i go ahead and sketch out the text that needs to be painted on the board.


Then when i have think it feels right, i drew it on the board, since i don't have anything to trace on. (Unlike the real sign painters) where they dap the lead powders on top of the sketch to transfer the drawing onto the actual surface.

Some minor corrections and we're off to painting! I used arcrylic paints for this instead of oil-based paints because i can't find the right one from 1Shot. They are only available in the states and not in Singapore. So i ended up with Arcrylics since they tend to have quite the same consistency and opaqueness (opaque: How solid the color is when painted so you don't get a transparency watery color on the surface)


And done! It was truly a very fun project and i hope to get more projects like this to polish up my hand-painted signs! Stay tuned for the next post! Until then.

Christmas brush calligraphy Camera setup

So i was planning to get a tripod to film my timelapses and post them on Youtube. I've managed to get one very descent tripod and paid a reasonable price.

Check it out here on Youtube. Did this with Molotow's Brushpen:

So, a little bit on the new tripod. I went to the local camera store and the staff was really helpful in explaining the functions of the tripod when i told him i wanted to film my drawings on the desk. Then he showed me this:

Model: Sirui T-1004XL

Model: Sirui T-1004XL

It's a great tripod for both outdoors and indoors. There are a few models before this but i find them unstable when the legs are all extended. This one however, has a more sturdy stand (except that it's slightly on the heavier side). Next up, i would want to purchase some LED Lights to better lid up my drawing videos.

Stay tuned for the next post and Merry Christmas!

Painting on planks

One fine morning, as i just woke up and checked my phone, I saw a notification from inbox. I don't usually have many emails from there so i was wondering what is it about. I was contacted by a client and she have two wooden planks lying around and asked if i was interested to paint them with my lettering styles. She wanted to hang the wooden planks in her home with her favorite quotes. I don't see a reason why not to accept this job?! I immediately accepted the job and i was so excited. After arranging for her to send those to my place, I unpacked them and this is how the planks looked like:


She gave me a couple of quotes and i go ahead and sketch them on paper just to see how i want the composition to look like.

I had a couple go at the sketches and then proceed with drawing on the wooden plank. 

After making some minor changes to the letters, i'm quite satisfied with the composition, and then i decided to paint them. I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Pen-White ink. They paint really well on different kind of surfaces. So i decided to use that ink and started painting them.


It started to look really good. I was so happy how it look like. After waiting for it to dry, i did a couple of touchups and then they are packed and sent back to her. She was really happy of how it turned up. And i'm happy too!

Here's the final pic taken downstairs my house with my wife as a model:


And here's the second quote:


I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

A wall and type

So when i was waiting for my friend for lunch downstairs in his office, i was standing at this new building and they have very nice "cement" walls. I couldn't resist but to whip out my phone and took a few shots. They were gray in color and with slight texture. Here, a photo of how it looks like below:

I know, it's just a plain Gray wall. But isn't it nice? Imagine the possibilities that you can use this? 
So, i knew i had a drawing lying somewhere where i got it scanned in Black and white. Here's a picture below:

And then i worked out my magic on Photoshop and about a couple of minutes later (well maybe 30-45 minutes) Here's the outcome:

You can also check out the post here on Dribbble. Hope you like it!