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EJTEE co-working place in Singapore

EJ is a hand lettering artist based in Singapore. After graduating in Graphic Design, he has worked as a Product Designer for agencies and tech companies. Now, he creates bespoke pieces of art commissioned by corporate and private clients, often using different mediums to help bring brands to life.

Pursuing his passion for hand lettering has been the best thing that happened in his career so far. To EJ, nothing is more satisfying than creating unique pieces of art from scratch and watching every masterpiece develop its own distinctive character. He is also a traditional sign painting enthusiast who practices avidly in his free time. 

EJ also conducts hand lettering workshops for team building events, and he hopes that the local community of like-minded artists grows as he shares his passion, one stroke at a time.



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What our friends has to say:

I’m very glad to have commissioned EJ for a wall mural for my home gym. We went through various iterations and calligraphy styles, as EJ has a good portfolio showcasing his artistic talents. I’m definitely more than pleased with the final outcome, and wholeheartedly recommend EJ for any residential or commercial murals. In fact, we are already planning the next mural for my home and other smaller projects as well. I am certainly looking forward to more of EJ’s talented work! - A.

I found EJ after doing a quick search for top Typography Artists in Singapore and am very glad to have worked with him on stickers and posters of my company values. All I had to do was have a quick chat with him on the direction I wanted to go in and it was as if he could read my mind. The designs turned out fantastic (I mean, I already knew I'd like his style as I now follow him on Instagram) and the designs are now being used company-wide. Thanks for being a reliable partner, EJ! To more projects in the future. - Christy Ho, Creative Strategist Team Lead, Creadits



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