Bridesmaids brush calligraphy workshop

I recently hosted a workshop for a group of bridesmaids. Candice got in touch requesting to do a workshop for her friend, Lydia the bride. 

After a few conversations, understanding what she's looking for, I suggested that we create artworks at the end of the session then display them at the wedding event. She was happy with the idea so we move towards planning it. I prepared the watercolor papers, swatches based on her wedding theme and some bridal quotes for them to write.

Putting on sash for the bride

Putting on sash for the bride

Bridesmaids preparing

Bridesmaids preparing

Started off with basic strokes, lowercase and then uppercase. Upon completing the basics, I showed them an example on how to connect the letters to form words. 


Here comes the fun part, I showed them some techniques on blending colors to have interesting gradient effect. They were amazed at the blending of the colors.

Once they've picked the quotes that I prepared, I gave some ideas on how to construct the layout of the quotes. They had a go with it on the test pieces that I prepared and then finally painted it on the actual piece.


Such a fun day to have taught these group of lovely people. Thank you for having me :)


If you would like something like this done, please feel free to get in touch.