Hand painted luggage bag

I was contacted by a mutual friend (JM) who is planning to get a special gift for his girlfriend on Christmas day. It was a customized hand painted luggage bag from Muji.

I drew up some sketches and shared it with JM. Upon agreeing on the design and placements, I went ahead and create a pounce pattern as a guide to paint on the luggage.

Template before creating pounce pattern

Pounce pattern is used to create copies of artworks that would be finished as oil paintings. The method involves tracing with a tool, creating pricked marks on the top sheet of paper. This pounced drawing made of pricked holes is laid over a working surface. A powder such as chalk, graphite or pastel is forced through the holes to leave an outline on the working surface below, thus transferring the image.

Hand painted luggage Singapore

To get more idea of the painting process, you can view the time lapse I posted on Instagram.


If you would like to get something similar done, shout and we can discuss further!