Customizing on Phone cases for Otterbox

Phone customization for Otterbox Asia, Singapore by EJTEE
Phone casing customization by EJTEE
Phone customization for Otterbox Asia, Singapore by EJTEE

Just wanted to update on my recent live event with Otterbox Asia.

Never have I thought that this post of my very first phone case customization (2nd image) from the early 2017, led me to a project with one of the toughest phone case maker Otterbox Asia . When the company contacted me and asked me to customize their phone cases to the public and doing it on the spot, I wasn't confident at all.

I knew that none of the inks/methods I used was durable enough to sustain a daily usage. I tried numerous ways with their samples to make sure the lettering is permanent; heat embossing, clear coating, engraving, you name it. There is just no possible way you could make it work. However, we still went ahead with the event.

Phone customization for Otterbox Asia, Singapore by EJTEE

During the event, after the first few cases, it made me realized that it is okay. People still loved it and wanted to have their cases customized. They enjoyed watching me write and when I handed the case to them and they immediately took a picture, it completely made me my day. Their smiles says it all. I'm so glad that it worked out. I have never thought that I will have a chance to do this. This is now checked in my todo lists.

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