My first attempt at Sign painting

POST EDIT: We've created a new page for Sign painting, head over to for more sign painting projects.


So a friend of mine opened a new cafe and wanted to have some hand-painted signs for the coffee shop. It's a temporary signage because they're undergoing some re-branding. So i took the challenge and i went to shop for supplies.

Then while waiting for the paint to dry, i go ahead and sketch out the text that needs to be painted on the board.


Then when i have think it feels right, i drew it on the board, since i don't have anything to trace on. (Unlike the real sign painters) where they dap the lead powders on top of the sketch to transfer the drawing onto the actual surface.

Some minor corrections and we're off to painting! I used arcrylic paints for this instead of oil-based paints because i can't find the right one from 1Shot. They are only available in the states and not in Singapore. So i ended up with Arcrylics since they tend to have quite the same consistency and opaqueness (opaque: How solid the color is when painted so you don't get a transparency watery color on the surface)


And done! It was truly a very fun project and i hope to get more projects like this to polish up my hand-painted signs! Stay tuned for the next post! Until then.