Christmas brush calligraphy Camera setup

So i was planning to get a tripod to film my timelapses and post them on Youtube. I've managed to get one very descent tripod and paid a reasonable price.

Check it out here on Youtube. Did this with Molotow's Brushpen:

So, a little bit on the new tripod. I went to the local camera store and the staff was really helpful in explaining the functions of the tripod when i told him i wanted to film my drawings on the desk. Then he showed me this:

Model: Sirui T-1004XL

Model: Sirui T-1004XL

It's a great tripod for both outdoors and indoors. There are a few models before this but i find them unstable when the legs are all extended. This one however, has a more sturdy stand (except that it's slightly on the heavier side). Next up, i would want to purchase some LED Lights to better lid up my drawing videos.

Stay tuned for the next post and Merry Christmas!