Case study: Yoga+

Project type: Wall mural
Medium: Spray paint (Loop colors)
Whole project duration: 1 week
Date of project: April 2017

I was contacted by Angie from Yoga+. We sort of know each other through Stef, who was then her partner (now husband, Congrats! ). Angie runs a yoga studio which focuses on health and wellness to instil mindful living outside of the yoga mat. She was planning to open a second branch located at Arab St., here in Singapore. I proposed to use spray can for this mural because I wanted to explore doing a mural with a spray can (graffiti style). I have never used spray can on a large mural before, so this was a fun challenge to execute.

Their studio's value, "Yoga beyond the mat" was chosen as the quote for me to design on the wall. 


So I sketched out a few options with a brush pen, then traced on top with a pencil, ensuring all the edges are perfect and well-balanced. As this is going to be on a wall, it has to be legible from far.

As this is going to be painted with a spray can, I had to make sure that it's not too difficult to paint on, and no tiny spots that is hard to create with a spray can.

This is the vectorized version and with Yoga Plus's color theme, I got the color closed matching to their brand color. I used Loop spray can colors for this project.

 Vectorized version of the chosen artwork - Yoga Plus wall mural Singapore by EJTee
 Spray can color selection and marking the center line for the mural.

Some action shots by Stef. And the final mural below. This is one of the most exciting project I've done. From learning how to handle a spray can, to executing it on an actual wall. And touching-up the letters in the end. Everything was new and fun experience.