Case study: Lululemon

Project type: Logotype
Medium: Illustrator, Tracing paper, Brushpen
Whole project duration: 1 week
Date of project: January 2018

Working as a freelance designer, I'm thankful to be able to expand my network of connections and meet wonderful people. Through a mutual friend, I got to know Felicia, who manages the brand strategy for Lululemon Singapore. Lululemon is a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company originated from Canada. This campaign will be running for Valentines day. The goal is to remind audience to practice love. There is also a social media hashtag that is being used called "#practiceforpractice".

I started to sketch the campaign name "Practice of Love" (which was then renamed to Practice Love) with a brushpen and a few tracing papers. Well, this is not quite a few.

 A few options for initial sketch

A few options for initial sketch

 Finetuning scripts

Finetuning scripts

After going through the sketches with Felicia, we've pretty much finalized on the style for the logotype. I did a few more tracing and refining the artwork, before they were scanned for vector. This artwork will be applied to the retail store window and also packaging box for customer as giftboxes. I will be heading down to the store to write these boxes with personalized messages.

 Vectorized version of the chosen artwork - Yoga Plus wall mural Singapore by EJTee

When I arrived at the store, I was greeted with lots of warmth. The ambience was just amazing! I love seeing happy faces when they received the personalized hand written box.


Just a quick shoutout to all the staffs at Lululemon Singapore, you guys are awesome! I enjoyed the warmth and fun environment while working with those involved. Head down to one of the stores to experience it! 

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