Case study: Ground Zero

Project type: Wall mural
Medium: Enamel paint
Whole project duration: 4 weeks
Date of project: November 2017

I was contacted by Cass, whom after saw another mural I did for Straits Blinds, wanted a mural for boutique gym. She wanted the word "Let's Begin Here". Here's what the gym is about:

"This is where you’ll find your beginning. We are a tribe connected by our passion for sweat, drive for growth and openness to challenges. We treat each other with respect and compassion, no judgements allowed."

After meeting up and a few discussions, we've pretty much confirmed on the styles, so I got into sketching. The sketch this time was done purely with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Here are a few samples:

 Option 1: Fluidity & Movement

Option 1: Fluidity & Movement

 Option 2: Script style

Option 2: Script style

We've agreed on something along the First option, which pretty much relates to perspiration. As this is a training gym, the idea behind this style is well supported. We've also added a bit of wavy form to feature movement. Here's what we ended up with:

 Vectorized version of the chosen artwork - Yoga Plus wall mural Singapore by EJTee

After we've set the date for painting, I prepared the artwork, did some clean up on the lines, and project it on the wall. Some process shots below:


And after hours of painting, I have finally completed the mural project for Ground Zero. It was very fun working with Cass on this project. Speak to me if you have a mural project!